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Info Connect | September 2014

JSW Steel: Powering tomorrow with strength

JSW Steel is a primary and integrated producer of steel and steel produced is inherently pure and clean. Quality control is established at the raw material stage itself and flows right up to the point when dispatches take place.  

JSW´s flagship manufacturing facility at Vijayanagar is an institute of steel making technology. At Vijayanagar, the TMT bar mill, supplied by Morgan USA, is one of the largest TMT bar mill in the country with a production capacity of one million tons per annum. TMT bars from JSW are branded as ¨JSW TMT PLUS¨.


The ¨PLUS¨ factors 


Primary & Single Source Manufacturing:
 JSW Steel produces TMT bars through primary route at a single-source. JSW´s superior and controlled manufacturing process restricts the Sulphur and Phosphorous impurities to as low as 0.035 per cent each and extremely low tramp elements. This enhances the strength of which leads to lesser consumption of steel in civil constructions. JSW TMT PLUS is toughened high strength HYQST (High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered) TMT Bar routed through METCS (Morgan Enhanced Temperature Control System).


Clean and green steel:
 JSW TMT PLUS is manufactured through a combination of quality and technologically controlled excellent processes. Process route of Blast Furnace - LD steel making - Ladle Refining - continuous casting of billets ensures right and desired quality. Surface finish of each bar is excellent as the mill employs tungsten carbide rolls against conventional rolls.


Superior Quality Product:
 Latest computer controlled rapid quenching system with metallurgical rationale ensures fine equi-axed ferrite-pearlite microstructure at the core and hard and tempered martensite at the outer surface. This gives the bar combination of superior strength and high ductility. The process also ensures high Yield Strength of 530 N/mm2 (min) and tensile strength of 610 N/mm2 (min) coupled with high ductility of 18 per cent elongation (min), its high UTS/ YS ratio of 1.15 min ensures higher energy absorption capacity.


JSW TMT PLUS has excellent weldability due to lower carbon equivalent. It can be easily butt-welded, lap-welded and manual arc welding can also be done without any pre-heating. It has higher fatigue resistance and resistance to higher temperatures. The rib pattern in JSW TMT PLUS is of finest quality leading to best bonding with concrete.


The Right Choice
 JSW TMT PLUS, has been entrusted with some of the most prestigious and ambitious projects which include the metro rail projects at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Jaipur; Monorail Project at Mumbai; International Airports at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai; Yamuna Expressway; Atomic Power Plant at Kakarapar, Gujarat; and many other reputed projects. As a result, in a short span JSW TMT PLUS, has emerged as the most preferred brand in the industry.

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