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Feature | January 2012

We are targeting a pan-India presence and a 100 % growth in 2012

 …says Pradeep Joshi, Managing Director, Green Build Products

Please comment on the demand drivers for your products. Do you think there is a decline in the demand, when industry is talking about slowdown in construction?
Where is slowdown? There is no slowdown. Demand is on peak because there is a scarcity of sand and rates have gone up. Customers are demanding our products because there are various environmental problems with the conventionally used material. In addition to that, there is an issue of water scarcity. Our products don’t require any curing. So there is no water consumption as far as our products are concerned.

How do you create awareness about your products?
We are now participating in exhibitions and seminars. We keep our focus on entities like Indian Institute of Architects, Indian Institute of Engineers and project management consultants to spread awareness about our eco-friendly products. We are establishing our Green Build distribution channel.

What was the initial response when you introduced these products in the market?
When we launched these products, we came out with a new concept of an eco-friendly solution with minimum material input. We maintained the thickness of the dry film for the first product, which offered crack-free solutions. We never entered competition, but we created a niche category, which will grow with awareness and customer education. The initial response was good, considering our ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas.

Please comment on your upcoming products.
We are coming up with a line of products related to walls. We are focussing on the need to minimise the hurdles in construction of walls. There are conventional products like gypsum plastering, but we are concentrating on green series of products. Our focus is to not utilise water on site. These are our main features for any kind of R&D for our existing products line also.

What are your business strategies for 2012?
We are eyeing towards a growth rate of 100 per cent in the year 2012. We want to spread our wings across the nation. We are targeting a pan-India presence.

When do you plan to enter capital markets?
We plan to get listed in another 3-4 years. Today we are not so eager to do it. We will first nurture our business to that scale.
We have international patent for our technology and multiple opportunities today like licensing for joint ventures or technology transfer within India as well as outside India. We plan to expand our manufacturing base as well. So first we will nurture and establish all these possibilities in the market.

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