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Feature | January 2012

About 75 – 80% business is derived from OEMs

 …says RV Phadke, Managing Director, Intensiv Filter

What is your product of range for the construction sector?
‘Intensiv Filter’is a supplier of air pollution control equipments.We manufacture bag filters. These equipments form a part of the construction machinery. So it is an OEM business for Intensiv Filter.

How is the demand looking?
The launch of new projects seems to have steadily slowed down over the last year.The committed projects are on- but at a slower pace....

Even in cement there are over-capacity concerns?
Yes it is true. But it is known to be a cyclic business and demand is bound to pick up over a period. But there is an ironical situation. All the cement players are talking about over-capacity and lot of major cement majors are coming out with expansions. But if you look at actual progress of the projects, lot of projects are getting delayed.

People are talking about over-capacity but prices have still remained firm and not going down. What are the reasons?
Prices would fall only when there is an over supply situation.Typically the manufacturers would utilise this phase for planned shut downs and maintenance, upgradation activity.

What is the average utilisation percentage?
Capacity utilisation is said to be around 70 per cent.

Have you tied up with the OEMs?
Almost 75 – 80 per cent of the business comes from OEMs .We are suppliers to core machinery manufacturers like pyro processing machinery and the grinding mills.Users with an inhouse engineering, procurement setup tend to buy the equipment directly from us.Similarly, supply of retrofit parts are done directly to the users.

So how about the competition in this technology? Are more number of players entering the market?
Yes.The market for nuisance venting filters is largely with the local players.European technologies are popular for the critical applications in process filters.Intensiv Filter is a pioneer in pulse jet technology with long bags,and has surpassed industry norms on outlet emissions and energy consumption.

Are you eyeing the African market?
We are working on couple of enquiries with Indian OEMs.The African market, I believe, offers a good potential to Indian suppliers in the long term.

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