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Interaction | May 2013

We have installed more than 5.5 mn sq mtrs across India

 ...says Mayur Patel, CEO, Proflex Roofing Solutions

How would you assess the current market scenario for roofing solutions in the coming years? What is your outlook on the growth of this sector in India? According to you, what sort of potential does this sector have?
Growth in infrastructure and construction with increasing preference for unconventional building & roof design has been a major demand driver for the roofing industry. The slowdown in the economy has affected the speed of growth in the short term for this year but in the long term growth potential of roofing industry in India is immense. Earlier it was only urban India that showed interest in new age roofing solutions but now with development reaching to tier 2 and tier 3 cities and its periphery, demands are coming from these areas as well. In the rural areas organized farmers and large traders have also realized importance of quality warehouse infrastructure for their agriculture produce and penetration of steel roofing will be steadily increasing in these areas in the year to come.

What are some of the major trends in the roofing market?
Functionality and aesthetics are two important considerations while choosing a roofing solution. The new trend has seen use of different paint finish and materials from which roofing sheets are made. Paint finish and shapes of sheets cater mainly to aesthetics while use of different material caters to functionality. Use of Roofing sheets made out of Painted Galvalume has increased significantly against the use of Painted GI sheets over last couple of years.

There is a growing trend to avoid use of Asbestos sheets due to its carcinogenic nature & weakness. At many places old Asbestos sheets are being replaced by Painted steel sheets. Acceptance and penetration of Painted sheet has been rising quickly and it is also creating opportunities for companies who are into steel roofing solutions.

Since there is a shortage of trained & quality manpower required for roof fixing, industry needs solutions that are relatively less complex to fix. Solutions avoiding punctures in the sheets for fixing are preferred over conventional system of puncturing sheets to fix as there is an inherent risk of leakage over a period of time from these punctures.

It is very difficult to control and stop leakage once it starts in roofing of a large area and that puts both sides in trouble, customers as well as roofing solution provider. Solutions like Proflex's 'Self Supported Steel Roofing' has been proving as ideal solution for customers who need a quality roof that performs for years without bothering them for any leakage.

Energy efficiency is also an important parameter for consideration and roofing solution that offers integration of solar panels are gaining popularity in the country. With capital cost of installing solar photovoltaic panels coming down rapidly, installation of solar panels on roofs is on the rise.

Rain water harvesting systems are also being introduced with roofing where water collected from rain water gutters is channelized and stored to use in factory or premises. Though this is not a new concept but awareness in this area is increasing and we will see solution coming in this area. Its venture into the roofing industry with a cutting-edge concept of self-supported steel roofing gained prominence in a very short span of time. Today, Proflex has become the leader, and its name is synonymous with 'Self-Supported Steel Roofing', a widely accepted replacement of conventional roofing.

Take us through the company's overall operations and the line of products that you manufacture?
Proflex is a name synonymous with 'Self Supported Steel Roofing' in India. Proflex, a part of M&B Group revolutionized the roofing industry in India and within a short span of just over a decade has successfully pursued the goal of setting newer industry benchmarks. Proflex today is the undisputed market leader with over 80 % market share in this niche segment.

With strong, long-lasting and obstruction-free roofs, Proflex adds value and optimization to the infrastructure. Aesthetically appealing and cost-effective roofs target the quality conscious customers. Proflex employs state-of-the-art American Technology, which delivers excellence of 100% leak-proof roofs in fastest possible time frames.

With over 3,500 successful projects across India, Proflex is leading the curve by serving a wide spectrum of segments, namely Warehousing, Cement, Engineering, Rice, Sugar, Textile and many more. Proflex has become the number one choice of Indian corporates, business owners and new-age entrepreneurs.

How has been the growth of the company over the years in the state? What are your plans to take the company in to a new level? Do you have any plans to introduce more products?
Proflex has installed more than 5.5 million sq. mtrs of roofing across India till date. More so, it is the only company with a distinction of installing the largest roof of 2.25 lakh sq. mtrs. at single location. Executing challenging projects in short time frames is a hallmark of Proflex.

However, it's time now that we cater to diverse opportunities, cover broader horizons and scale newer heights. We are heralding a beginning of a new journey. A journey that defines our renewed purpose to exist for the years to come. We will be introducing new products this year & we are hopeful to lead the transformation and evolution of the roofing solutions industry.

We go by the adage, "It's time to move forward, it's time to think big." What are the challenges you feel which is hampering the growth of Indian warehousing? According to you what would be the investment you may see towards the upliftment of Indian warehousing infrastructure?
Warehousing sector is one the major sectors growing at the moment. Capacities are being added rapidly. Inadequate storage capacities for grain & food items are driving newer demand for warehouses in the country. State warehousing corporation will have to continue building new warehouse to meet with these demands.

Personally, I don't see major challenges that are hampering growth of Warehousing in India. Businesses are driven by demand and if there are demands warehouses will be built.

A good monsoon will drive demand for warehouses for grains and food items; similarly positive sentiment in economy will generate demand for warehouses by logistics companies.

FDI in retail is also creating an anticipated demand. Organized logistics players are already active in expanding their warehousing space. Infrastructure being built needs quality roofing solutions providers and Proflex has an edge over others when it comes to roofing for warehouses.

Do you have any plans towards expansion within the Indian market?

Proflex's business in Self Supporting Steel Roofing is consistently growing year on year.

Yes we are looking at expansion in the Indian market by increasing our depth and width in the roofing industry. But are just waiting for the favourable economic and industrial situation in the months to come.


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