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Feature | June 2013

We are currently working on 1,320 MW Solapur project

... avers Ravishankar Modi, MD, Bygging India  

Could you shed some insight on the market potential for cooling towers in 2014? Has the sluggish growth forecast impacted your business much?
 Cooling Towers are extensively used in power projects with NTPC projects comprising a bulk of our business. However, the sluggish growth has indeed impacted our business since turnover has declined considerably. Considering that there is an impetus on power projects in the ongoing 12th year plan you can expect to see some growth in this segment. However the growth forecasts for the current fiscal and even 2014 remain largely subdued owing to a lackadaisical market sentiment. Thus, we expect to see recovery and growth in the sector only towards the end of 2014. The year 2014-2015 would be a crucial year for this sector. As of now, we are exercising caution and have espoused a wait and watch approach until the market shows signs of recovery. Banks have an integral role to play in the recovery of this sector.  


What are some of the key market drivers for cooling towers in India?
 One of the key sectors affecting growth has been undoubtedly the power sector. However, other than those it is the steel and fertilizer sector that has also been very crucial. As of now industrial growth is not very flattering. Recession has impacted business. Furthermore, several projects have been delayed and this has greatly impacted our business. We have seen inquiries and are currently working on them.


What are some of the challenges that you face? What measures do you take to ensure environmental safety that you construct? How poignant is the situation with regard to the improper diffusion of waste water from cooling towers?
 There are several challenges present in this sector. Several key projects not taking off remains a pertinent cause for concern. Ostensibly, the government must smoothen out the implementation process. There are various ministries that handle the entire process for project clearance making it a highly convoluted endeavour. This must be addressed since it has greatly affected the countries industrial prospects. There is a need for greater transparency and better co-ordination with the industry at large. The materials that we use are considered environmentally friendly. The effective diffusion of waste water is the responsibility of the manufacturer. That being said the availability of skilled manpower is still a major problem.


Could you highlight some of the significant innovations with regard to constructing cooling towers in recent times? Has there been a paradigm shift in the nature of components used?
 We are mainly engaged in the construction of concrete cooling towers. We also design and manufacture:

  • Induced draft concrete cooling towers with film or splash fills
  • Induced draft Pultruded FRP cooling towers with film or splash fills

We rely mainly on tried and tested methods for constructing cooling towers. We customize our solutions based on client requirements.While initially wood was used for the purpose of constructing cooling towers but now Initially wood was used as material of construction but owing to environmental concerns, RCC has been frequently used in Cooling Towers but it has certain limitations. Therefore we urge our clients to imbibe Pultruded FRP solutions since they offer several advantages such as a high degree of corrosion resistance, Light Weight, Remarkable strength, longer life span etc.


What steps have you taken to improve upon water efficiency?
 We have integrated Induced draft concrete cooling tower (IDCT) with film or splash fill which is considered as being an optimal solution in terms of water efficiency. Furthermore, there is also the circulating water treatment that we use. However there are certain limitations to this process; to reuse the same water again a Cooling Tower is required which removes the extra heat and accumulated impurities of the water. We have collobrated with foreign players and working developing technologies that would be available indigenously. However it would take some time to facilitate the provision of these technologies in the market.


Could you expound upon some of the recent projects that you have worked on?
 We are currently working on the 1320 MW Solapur project that uses super critical technology.


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