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Info Connect | March 2014

Tata BlueScope Steel: Designed products with higher reflectivity, long term.....

The coated steel business of Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd offers 55 per cent Al-Zn alloy coated ZINCALUME® steel and pre-painted 55 per cent Al- Zn alloy coated COLORBOND® steel for roofing and walling applications.  

ZINCALUME® steel is manufactured and supplied with a specially developed separate passivation layer and a special acrylic coating that helps to provide excellent thermal reflectivity and anti-finger coating. The weathered ZINCALUME® steel roof will have uniform appearance and free from differential/ general darkening due to special surface treatment. It offers a combined benefit of sacrificial benefits of zinc along with the long life barrier protection of aluminium. Presence of zinc and aluminium in coating it provides up to 4 times more life than galvanised steel (Z275) in similar environmental conditions. It is available in 300 MPa to 550 MPa minimum yield strength with 150 g/m2 coating mass.


In case of pre-painted ZINCALUME® steel - COLORBOND® steel has higher thermal reflectance than locally available pre-painted steel product. We developed five new colours (Mosaic Blue, Aloe Green, Fantasy Yellow, Neutral Beige and Ivory Grey) other than Surfmist. All these colour has higher solar reflectance index (SRI) i.e. < 80, can helps for Green Building rating as well as colour option to architects other than White colour. Higher solar reflectance of COLORBOND® steel is due to Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. It is incorporated in COLORBOND® XRW & ULTRA of product without changing its appearance and properties. In hot weather, COLORBOND® XRW steel can reduce peak roof temperature up to 6 deg C (i.e. it lowers surface temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. In other words, Thermatech® technology is able to reflect solar heat, allowing both roofs and buildings to stay cooler). It reduced heat stress also means greater durability for entire roofing systems. Thus, Thermatech® solar reflectance technology ensures cool comfort, while reducing energy cost (it reduce electricity consumption by up to 15 per cent).


COLORBOND® steel ensures that colour of metal roofing/wall cladding lasts for longer time. It has excellent resistance to colour fading and chalking. This is possible only because of usage of stable 100 per cent inorganic pigments and especially developed resin system for exterior application. The ordinary coated steel available in the market typically has organic pigments with standard resin system, which is of low cost and does not provide lasting colour to pre-painted steel used in steel roofing/cladding. Cheap and low quality paint system has major issue in colour fading as well as early chalking; the difference is easily noticeable after 2-3 years of exposure. While drafting the product specification of your project for cladding application, choose the product as complete "System" (Base steel+ type of metallic coating+ its mass in g/sqm + surface treatment before painting+ type of primer and top exposed paint system and its film thickness). COLORBOND® steel is system which is designed for exterior application and suitable for rain water harvesting as it has no heavy metal (i.e. lead) in system.


COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel are best choice for architects as they provide more scope for interesting shapes and deliver a lightweight solution that gives the freedom to develop a design that better suits your lifestyle. COLORBOND® steel is available in a modern range of colours, which can be an excellent medium for designing beautiful buildings that match your creative capabilities and lifestyle preferences. Eight standard colours are offered in COLORBOND® steel. Nonstandard colours can also be supplied to match customer requirements. Both the brands are one of the most preferred brands in the market today.


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